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How long do I have a warranty on purchased products?

When submitting the invoice, you have a 24-month warranty on new products and a 12-month warranty on demo devices. 

This warranty does not apply to wearing parts or parts damaged by improper use, such as the tobacco charger. In these cases, we offer you an inexpensive repair service.

How long do I have a guarantee on my purchase?

As a consumer, you have a 12-month warranty.

What is the difference between my consumer warranty and the product warranty?

The product warranty ensures that you will receive a technically perfect device that, under correct conditions of use and care, will function correctly. If your device malfunctions during the warranty period, you can send it back to us and we will fix or exchange it for you free of charge.

The product warranty is a guarantee that covers all manufacturing defects. This warranty also covers hidden defects, not detectable at first glance. The product warranty does not cover wearing parts.

Why shall I buy from you?

Unlike other providers on the Internet, we produce our own machines. This allows us to replace or repair defective machines immediately, offering a faster service that avoids the delays produced by having to send products to the manufacturer.

Other distributors claim that the Powerfiller devices are counterfeits. Is this true?

Powerfiller is a brand of cigarette rolling machines registered and protected in the European Patent Office and established since many years in the market. The sources that allege such accusations do so to obtain irregular advantages by violating the rules of commercial competition.

How long do I have to exercise my right of withdrawal?

You can terminate your purchase contract with us within 14 days after delivery using the return form or via email. Read the exact procedure in our returns section.

I want to return or cancel my order. What do I have to do?

The exact procedure is described in our returns section. The easiest way is to use the return form to terminate your purchase contract. Later you will have to send back the order by insured transport. As soon as we have received the shipment and the goods has been checked, you will be refunded the purchase price.

Who pays the shipping costs for a return?

We will bear the shipping costs if the device is defective and is replaced within 60 days of delivery.

If the return occurs later, the buyer must send the goods for repair and / or replacement at his own expense.

In the event that the buyer makes use of his right of withdrawal, the buyer always bears the return costs. The reason for the withdrawal is irrelevant in this case.

In case of cancellation, will I get my shipping costs refunded?

Of course, the shipping costs of the first shipment will be refunded.

My product is defective, what do I do now?

Use our contact form for defective machines. There you will get all the necessary information.

As a general rule, you can send us your device for repair within the warranty period. If your device cannot be repaired, we will change it for you at no additional cost.

I have transferred the money but I have not received any confirmation of delivery, what do I do now?

If you have chosen the payment method "prepayment" and have not received any goods after payment, please contact us using the contact form. There may be various reasons why a received payment could not be correctly assigned (different name, no order number, etc.). As soon as the payment assignment has been corrected, your order will be shipped immediately.

Where is my purchase?

With the payment methods PayPal, Sofortüberweisung and credit card payment, the goods are dispatched immediately. In the case of “prepayment” orders, the goods are dispatched after receipt of payment. As a result, our delivery time of 1-2 days cannot be kept. Shipping is highly dependent on receipt of your payment. We ship daily and we try to deliver your products as quickly as possible.

Are electric cigarette machines banned in Germany?

No, only sales by German dealers to private customers are prohibited in Germany. As the end user, you can buy and use the machine. We as an Austrian company are allowed to sell these machines and you can also officially and legally purchase and use them.

Do I still have to pay customs duties or other fees if I order an electric cigarette rolling machine and have it shipped to my country?

No, there are no other fees. In contrast to other providers e.g. from Switzerland, where you still have to pay the VAT difference of 11%, this is not the case with us. Austria is in the EU and all taxes, duties and charges are included in the price.

Is the electric tamping machine fully automatic?

No. There is no fully automatic cigarette tamping machine for private use, even if other providers claim it. The sleeves still have to be inserted manually.

Is the tobacco portioned by the machine itself?

Partly yes. The amount you put in the filling shaft is used for the cigarette and cut off with a knife. The harder you stuff the tobacco into the machine, the harder the cigarette will be. As a rule, you should insert the tobacco with a medium firmness in order to achieve an ideal filling result. About 0.5-0.7 grams per cigarette is sufficient. That means: You can stuff approx. 300 - 350 cigarettes out of a can with 200 grams

What is the biggest difference or advantage of a machine with sliding technology compared to a machine with spiral technology?

In a machine with slide or injection technology, the tobacco is formed by operating the lever. It is cut with a blade and transported to the sleeve with an injection cylinder (slide). In this way, the tobacco fibers are not damaged and no clumping occurs.

In a machine with spiral technology, the tobacco is transported into the tube by means of a rotating movement. This technique can cause lumps to form. Tobacco strips can also be damaged. As a result, embers can fall off when smoking and unsightly burn holes can occur. 

How is shipping done?

We ship daily to selected European countries with DHL. Once we have prepared your machine for shipping, you will receive an email confirmation with the shipping number so you can track it.

Can I also order cash on delivery?

No. We only offer the payment methods that you can see under Payment & Shipping.

If I buy an electric cigarette rolling machine and I don't like it, can I return it?

Yes! See returns section. Unlike other dealers from non-EU countries, we adhere to current legislation.

My machine is defective - can I claim compensation?

Unfortunately not. If your machine is defective and you send it to us for repair, unfortunately we cannot pay you any compensation for the more expensive cigarettes you have to buy in the meantime.

Will I get a replacement device until my machine is repaired?

Unfortunately not. We cannot provide a replacement machine during the repair time. However, we try to keep the repair time as short as possible so that you don't have to go without your machine for a single day more than the time absolutely necessary.

Are there spare parts for electric cigarette injectors?

Yes, but not for resale. Spare parts are only available for repairs by us.


Couldn't your question be answered? Please contact our customer service via the contact form - we will be happy to help you.