About Powerfiller

Powerfiller - the Manufacturer of Electric Cigarette Rolling Machines 

Quality meets innovation. Since 2010.

The individual pleasure of smoking self-made cigarettes at an unbeatable price.

Regardless of what your tobacco of choice is, with Powerfiller electric rolling machines you can create your own cigarettes as you wish.

In close collaboration with our factory engineers, our machines are designed and constantly improved to provide a daily unparalleled smoking experience,  despite the constant price rises of cigarettes.  They will enable you to enjoy your own cigarettes with the highest quality.

It does not matter if you are an occasional or frequent smoker, in the Powerfiller range of products you will find the perfect device for your needs.

Choose the right machine and save money with every single cigarette. For many of our clients rolling or tubing a cigarette even has a meditative and relaxing effect, helping a little to forget the stress of everyday life.

Try one of our machines now and see for yourself!

Do you have questions about our products or how to order? Use our contact form or look in our “FAQ” section.


Your Powerfiller Team