First hand electric cigarette injectors

Powerfiller is your dealer for high-quality automatic cigarette machines, shredders and smoking accessories. We manufacture machines that have been developed by ourselves in our own certified plants. Regardless of whether it is a machine for professionals, with lots of customization, a mobile device for traveling or an entry-level device. We have a very wide selection of different devices - you will find exactly what you need with us. Of course, we offer accessories such as tobacco funnels and tubes, but also shredders to process whole tobacco leaves.

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Our customer service will help you to find the right cigarette rolling machine and answer your questions. Simply use one of our contact forms.

Competent advice in combination with high-quality products has made Powerfiller one of the global market leaders in the field of electric cigarette rolling machines over the past few years.

Are you wondering what are the advantages of ordering an electric cigarette injector from

In addition to the high quality of all Powerfiller products, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer a warranty of 2 years for all our machines and a guarantee of 12 months on your purchase. Should there ever be a defect on one of our devices, please use the corresponding form at the end of this page - this makes the return really easy. If you change your mind after your purchase, we of course also offer a 14-day right of withdrawal, with which you can withdraw from the purchase contract. All payment options are 100% secure thanks to secure SSL encryption - you can conveniently pay by PayPal, credit card, prepayment or any other common payment option.

We dispatch all orders every day - depending on the place of delivery and the country of delivery, it takes between 1-5 days for the goods to be with you. We ship free of charge to Germany and Austria - you can see here how much delivery costs to the rest of the world!

What are the advantages of electric cigarette injectors?

The advantages of these smart devices are obvious. Entire cigarette packets can be produced in just a few minutes, and the result is almost indistinguishable from industrially manufactured cigarettes - neither visually nor in terms of taste. Electric cigarette injectors are much more practical to use than manual cigarette rolling machines and also many times faster. After a few weeks of “self-stuffing” many of our customers prefer their self-made, customized cigarettes and no longer want to do without this taste.

The investment in a fully automatic cigarette filling machine usually pays for itself after just a few months. Of course, this depends on the daily amount of cigarettes and also on whether the machine is regularly and carefully cleaned and serviced. Projections showed that a passionate frequent smoker can save up to four-digit euros per year compared to the costs of smoking conventional cigarettes - you can easily go on some extra vacation.

It is therefore obvious that many of our customers rely on and trust Powerfiller machines and use them every day to make their own cigarettes. With these ingenious machines you not only save time, but also a lot of hard cash.

Personalised cigarettes thanks to individually adjustable electric cigarette injectors:

Everyone has different preferences - and it is the same with cigarette smoking. It starts with the tube or cigarette paper, goes over the tobacco and ends with the packing density (this works by regulating the pressure on the tobacco). Depending on the model of the electric cigarette rolling machine, you can use several setting options to create your favorite personalized cigarette.

Due to their cool design, these devices are also ideal as gifts for any occasion and will be an eye-catcher in every living room. In keeping with the season, Powerfiller-Smoking also offers specials such as a Christmas Edition or a tropical Hawaii edition, ideal for summer.

It couldn't be easier to make first-class cigarettes yourself with an electronic cigarette injector - take your time and take a look around in our online shop. From the entry-level model with spiral technology to the all-rounder with a sliding injection mechanism. Entry-level devices that help you get to grips with self-filling and professional devices where you have numerous setting options allowing you to produce first-class cigarettes. Electric cigarette rolling machines are preferable to manual ones and usually deliver significantly better results after a little practice. They are more efficient, more effective, stand more stable on the table and hardly leave any tobacco crumbs. Without any effort and without investing a lot of time in practice and YouTube tutorials, perfect cigarettes can be made at the push of a button.

What do you need to make first class cigarettes?

Produce hundreds or even thousands of cigarettes independently at home at a ridiculous price and in a short time. Only smoke cigarettes that suit you and exactly meet your taste? It doesn't take much to achieve this. The most important point is a Powerfiller electric automatic cigarette injector. Even if it takes a few cigarettes in the beginning to get the hang of it, you will quickly notice that after a while it becomes very, very easy for you to produce your perfect cigarette yourself. The machine is delivered to your doorstep fully assembled and fully functional. Depending on the model, only the funnel has to be attached and the power cable connected. This means that you hardly need to assemble it yourself. In addition, you only need tobacco that meets your taste and cigarette tubes that suit you and the machine. Once you have these ingredients, it's really quick. Bring the tobacco and tube to the designated places, operate the lever of the electronic cigarette rolling machine and in a few seconds you will have high quality cigarettes thanks to the powerful motor. Depending on the machine, the scope of delivery includes a tobacco tamper, brush and metal rod with which you can operate and clean your machine.

Are you still unsure which automatic cigarette machine suits you and which is the right one?

The wide range of different models and colors can quickly lead to an excess of information. Discover the machine that best meets your design requirements and equipment criteria. In order to make your decision as easy as possible for you, we have described each product in detail on the respective product page and have also set up an extra page with all the operating instructions for each machine. In addition, we presented and demonstrated each machine again in a special video. We know that every customer has their own idea of ​​the perfect cigarette and that there is not one perfect cigarette that every customer tastes best. Therefore, there are many devices with which you can make individualizations in order to fill the perfect cigarette for yourself. Type of tobacco, cut of tobacco, tobacco density, type of tube, stuffing speed - all these factors influence the taste of the cigarette.

Most of the time, the more expensive the machine, the more settings you can make to adjust the cigarettes even more precisely to your taste.

All of our machines are designed, developed and produced in-house by ourselves. The result is machines that have a stylish design, robust workmanship and intuitive operation 

The design factor in electric cigarette injectors!

In addition to the range of functions and usability, the design factor naturally also plays a decisive role. Many customers want a machine with a stylish and striking design. Because when you have a machine like this, you usually want it to be seen and admired. Powerfiller devices catch the eye immediately. A futuristic design with timeless colors make these machines real eye-catchers and head-turners. Many of our customers often buy several machines within a short period of time. The first machine to test it out themselves. After a short time and with enormous enthusiasm, many of our customers want to give this machine away as well - our cigarette rolling machines are also ideal as a present. Whether for young or old - the simple and intuitive operation is child's play for everyone - whether you are an experienced pounder or a beginner. The more expensive, mostly particularly noble models also stand for luxury, durability and stability.

What is the difference between manual (mechanical) cigarette rolling machines and automatic electrical cigarette injectors?

With electric cigarette injectors, the tobacco is portioned, evenly distributed and filled. This avoids problems that often arise with manual machines - for example, too loose tamping or half filling, which can cause embers to fall off while smoking. Such a case does not occur in electrical machines with a sliding mechanism, because the tobacco is inserted into the tube up to the filter. The loudness of the electric machines varies depending on the model - a rule of thumb can be remembered here (similar to dishwashers): the more expensive the quieter.  

If your machine is dirty or clogged, this is not a good sign and you should be ashamed of not having properly maintained and cleaned your machine. Nonetheless, if the machine has not yet been damaged, you can easily restore it to its original condition. Use the cleaning tool provided or a medium pressure blower to loosen crumbs and dirt.

Luxury models, classic or inexpensive ones: no matter what you choose, you will have fun with your machine. Passionate smokers love Powerfiller devices and appreciate their advantages and benefits. Top quality, top cigarettes - whether for beginners or professionals.

You can find not only electric cigarette injectors and rolling machines but also accessories and shredders at - everything you need to produce and enjoy your perfect cigarette. In our accessories category we have funnels, cigarette tubes and more. Unfortunately, we cannot offer ashtrays, lighters, e-cigarettes and normal or mechanical cigarette rolling machines at the moment.